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Cynthia Hornor has been competing in agility since 1997. She has put several championships on multiple dogs in both USDAA, AKC, and UKI. She has been a 30 - time national finalist in AKC, USDAA & UKI National events with three different dogs. She is an eleven time world team member for the WAO, IFCS, and EO USA teams with her border collies & mix, Spice & Truant and Nimble She has won international medals twice and has been a multi time national champion - winning AKC Nationals in the 16”, 24C, & 12"division, USDAA Grand Prix Nationals in the 22 & 12"  class and USDAA Biathlon Champion in the 20” & 24" classes. Cynthia has been the silver medalist on two different USDAA National DAM teams with two different dogs. She is a consistent podium representative at many national and regional events. 


More importantly, many of Cynthia’s students have been national and regional finalists themselves! 


Cynthia believes agility should be fun for both dog and handler. She believes in helping to build a team’s full potential using positive reinforcement and consistent handling. She enjoys working with all breeds of dogs.  She owns both Shelties and Border Collies, giving her an insight on what it takes to be successful running both large and small dogs.

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