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NAC MACH 3 ADCH Gold On Target's Makin' It Hot! HSAs T2B MXF LAA Gold

Sooner x Widget

Cynthia & Spice's Accomplishments:

2019 -IFCS World Team Member - Netherlands

 WAO World Team Member - Netherlands

Bronze Medalist P14 Grand Prix Cynosport world games.

2018 - US Open Games Champion

 - IFCS World Team Member - Italy
 AKC Nationals - Challengers Round

MACH 3 - ADCH Gold

2017 - IFCS World Team Member - Spain - Team Relay First Place

USDAA Nationals  20" Biathlon Champion

USDAA Nationals DAM Team Silver Medalist

USDAA Nationals DAM Team Relay - First Place.

USDAA Nationals 20" Grand Prix Finalist

UKI US Open - 20" Speedstakes Bronze Medalist

UKI US Open - 20"  National Finalist

Mid Atlantic Regional - 20" Steeplechase Silver Medalist

Mid Atlantic Regional 20" Grand Prix Silver Medalist

Mid Atlantic Regional - 20" Biathlon Bronze Medalist

North Central Regional - DAM Team Gold Medalist

North Central Regional 20" Grand Prix Silver Medalist

North Central Regional  20" Steeplechase Silver Medalist

AKC Nationals - 4th Place 16" Jumpers with Weaves

2016 - WAO World Team Member - England - Team Gold Medalist.
          - Mid Atlantic Regional - Steeplechase Silver Medalist​.
          - AKC Nationals FInalist #1 seed
          - AKC Nationals - 1st Place 16" JWW
​          - MACH 2

2015 - WAO Wold Team Member - Netherlands
             IFCS World Team Member - Italy
             AKC 16" National Agility Champion
             USDAA SE Regional - Biathlon Gold Medalist.

2014 - USDAA Nationals - Biathlon  22" Bronze Medalist.
             UKI Nationals/US Open - Biathlon Bronze Medalist
             UKI Nationals/US Open - Masters Heat Champion
            Mid Atlantic Regional - 22" Biathlon Bronze Medalist
             AKC MACH Championship
             Eastern Canadian Regional - 22" Grand Prix Silver Medalist

2013 -   22" USDAA Grand Prix National Champion
               ADCH Championship - USDAA
               AKC Nationals - JWW 16" - 1st Place
               AKC Nationals - Hybrid 16" - 12th Place
               AKC Nationals - Challenger Round
               NC  Regional - Grand Prix Finalist - 3rd Place
               NC Regional - Steeplechase Finals - 2nd Place 
                NC Regional - Team Jumpers - 3rd Place     
                Mid Atlantic Regional - Grand Prix Finals - 6th Pl.

2012 -    Mid Atlantic Regional - Team Jumpers - 2nd Place
               Mid Atlantic Regional - Team Standard - 7th Place
               Mid Atlantic Regional - Grand Prix Finalist
               New England Regional - Grand Prix Finalist - 6th Pl.   

2011: -    USDAA Nationals Steeplechase Semifinalist
                NE Regional - DAM Team - 7th Place
                NE Regional - Team Standard - 12th Place
                SE Regional - Steeplechase Finalist
                Mid Atlantic Showcase - Team Standard - 12th Pl.              

Virtue Biathlon_edited.jpg


MACH ADCH Damask Moral Excellence  MXF T2B

Jiffy X Belle

2014 Mid Atlantic Regional 14" Biathlon Champion

2015 Mid Atlantic Regional 14" Steeplechase Silver Medalist

2016 UKI US Open National Finalists - 4th Place

2017 USDAA Nationals DAM Team 5th Place

2019 - USDAA Nationals Performance Speed jumping finalist. US Open National Finalist, US Open Games Silver Medalist, US Open Speedstakes Bronze Medalist.

USDAA New England Regional Biathlon Champion.

2021: US Open Games Silver Medalist, Silver Speedstakes Medalist, MH Silver Medalist.


NAC MACH ADCH On Target's Don't Be Late!  MXF T2B

Spice X Strafe
2019 Accomplishments - USDAA New England Regional Bronze Medalist in team and Steeplechase. 
2020 - EO World Team Member - England
2021 - Cynosport Steeplechase Silver Medalist, Biathlon National Champion. US Open MH Silver Medalist - WAO 2022 World Team Member - Netherlands, EO 2022 World Team Member - Belgium 2022 AKC 24C National Agility Champion, 2022 20" Westminster Champion - 2022 & 2023- US Open Speedstakes Champion & Biathlon Silver Medalist.

2023 - EO Team Member - Denmark - 2024 EO Team Member - England. 2023 US Open National Champion, Speedstakes Champion, Masters Series Champion.

Truant web.jpeg



2021 - US Open Games Champion, MH Champion. 2022 - WAO World Team Member - Netherlands. 2022 - West Coast Open - Pentathlon Silver Medalist.  2022 US Open Biathlon Champion.

2023 - EO Team Member - Denmark, 2023 AKC 12" National Champion, Incredible Dog Challenge winner, US Open Masters Series Silver. 2023 USDAA Nationals Grand Prix & Steeplechase Champion. Biathlon Silver


Epic Hero Of Impressive Twilight NA NAJ

Billie Jean x Shellie

Just starting out....

Rowdy Teeter.JPG


Forever in our hearts - Sadly Missed

MACH 3 ADCH Silver BWBC Orion Merlin HSAS MXF T2B LAA SIlver 

Race x Kenna

Some of Rowdy & Cynthia's Accomplishment include:

​2016 - Retired
2015 - USDAA PGP Nationals - 4th Place
          - USDAA SE Regional - PGP Gold Medatlist
             AKC - MACH 3
             USDAA - LAA Silver

2014 -  USDAA PGP National Bronze Medalist
              USDAA Nationals - Team Gamblers - 1st Place
             UKI Nationals/US Open - Speedstakes Bronze           
             Mid Atlantic Regional - P20" Grand Prix Champion
             Mid Atlantic Regional - P20" Biathlon Bronze 
              Eastern Canadian Regional - P20" Grand Prix Silv  
              Eastern Canadian Regional - P20" Biathlon 
              Eastern Canadian Regional - P20" Performance 
              Speed Jumping Bronze Medalist.


2013 -   USDAA Grand Prix National Bronze Medalist
             NC Regional - Grand Prix Finalist - 6th Place
             NC Regional - Team Jumpers - 6th Place
             MACH 2  Championship
             ADCH Bronze
             LAA Bronze

2012 - AKC Nationals - National Finalist - 6th Place 20"         
            New England Regional - Grand Prix Finalist
            New England Regional - Steeplechase Finalist
             Mid Atlantic Regional - Grand Prix Finalist
            Mid Atlantic Regional - Steeplechase Finalist

2011 - USDAA Nationals - 4th Place IHS Standard Class
           USDAA Nationals - 8th Place Team Snooker
           NE Regional - 5th Place Grand Prix
           NE Regional - 6th Place Steeplechase
           NE Regional - 3rd Place DAM Team
           NE Regional - 3rd Place Team Gamblers
           NE Regional - 5th Place Team Snooker
           NE Regional - 1st Place Team Relay
           NE Regional - 2nd Place IHS Jumpers
           SE Regional - 4th Place Team Gamblers
           SE Regional - 7th Place IHS Standard
           AKC Nationals - 7th Place Hybrid Round 20"
           MACH Championship

2010 - USDAA Nationals - 2nd Place DAM Team
            NC Regional Grand Prix Finalist
            NC Regional Steeplechase Finalist
            NC Regional 7th Place Team Jumpers
            NE Regional Grand Prix Finalist
            NE Regional Steeplechase Finalist
            AKC Nationals ISC Jumpers 2nd place 20"
            ADCH CHampionship

2009 - USDAA Nationals Participant 
            NE Regional Grand Prix Finalist
            NE Regional Steeplechase Finalist
            NE Regional 12 place DAM Team



Forever in our hearts - Sadly Missed

MACH 5 PDCH Bronze Amati's One Step Ahead CD RN HSAs T2B XF LAA Bronze 

Taz x Lyta

Cynthia & Dash's accomplishments:
              *Retired in 2015*

2015 - ASSA Nationals - Third Place 12" preferred Masters JWW. 

2014 - MACH5 Championship     

  USDAA P3 Jumpers Gold Champion

            USDAA P3 Standard Gold Champion
            USDAA P3 Snooker Gold Champion

2013 - Performance Dog Champion - Bronze
             LAA Bronze - USDAA

2012-   MACH4 Championship         

   Mid Atlantic Regional - 4th Place Versatility Pairs

2011 -   USDAA Nationals Performance Grand Prix        
               USDAA Nationals Performance Speed Jumping 
               NE Regional Performance Speed Jumping - 5th 
               AKC Nationals Participant
               Mid Atlantic Showcase - Performance Versatility    
               Pairs - 2nd place
               Performance Dog Championship

2010: - USDAA Nationals Performance Grand Prix     
            NE Regional Performance Speed Jumping - 5th Place
            NE Regional Performance Grand Prix - 10th Place
            NE Regional Performance Relay - 1st Place
            NE Regional Performance Team Snooker - 3rd Place
            MACH3 Championship

2009: -  NE Regional Performance Versatility Pairs Team - 
              3rd Place
             NE Regional Performance Team Snooker - 3rd Place
             NE Regional Performance Grand Prix Finalist
              AKC Nationals Participant

2008: -   MACH2 Championship
               RHIT Herding - Schnauzer National            

2007: -  AKC Nationals Participant
              MACH Championship

2006: -  ASSA Nationals Excellent B Standard 16" 4th Place

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